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Perkins CTE

The Carl D. Perkins CTE program is a federally funded education act established to enhance high school students' experience and training. The goal of the program is to offer an integrated sequence of career technical and academic classes that prepare students for worthwhile employment. The preparation is also aligned with university entrance requirements. The skills taught in our academy classes will prepare students to be eligible to bypass minimum-wage positions and enter the workforce with a higher earning potential. At San Pedro High School, a student may choose from one of the following career pathways:
  • Culinary Arts
  • Computer Technology
  • Health Careers
  • Multimedia
While taking classes to meet LAUSD's diploma requirements, academy students are also enrolled in specialized training courses in business, computers, technology, digital art, and more. These specialized courses give our students the edge they'll need to compete in today's global economy. Our academy classes are taught by experienced teachers who are highly motivated and want to help students succeed.
We Welcome
Special Population Students
"This program insures equal access, full participation, and non-discrimination for all students regardless of race, color, gender, national origin, ethnic group identification, ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, mental disability or physical disability."