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San Pedro Early College Program (SPECA)

Our SPECA early college program allows SPHS students to take college coursework during the school day, in a four year program cohort. Cohorts are located on both campuses, based on student interest. Classes begin at 7:55am am and follow the Harbor College Calendar schedule. This means that some breaks, i.e. Thanksgiving or Spring Break, may not be aligned, however attendance is required. Students that enroll in the Harbor College program may take additional classes at Harbor College to earn an AA or IGETC certification. A few classes in the LAHC program pathway do count for high school coursework, however all college classes taken are transferable. This could save families thousands of dollars in tuition.
The college coursework to be taken aligns to a Liberal Studies degree and or IGETC certification.
Eligibility requirements: Students desiring to enroll, and to maintain enrollment, must have a letter grade of "B" or higher in their current LAUSD Math and English classes, and pass their LA Harbor college courses with a “C” or better. Students that do not maintain this requirement will be removed from the program by LAHC. Additionally, 9th grade students must receive a B or better in the Counseling 17 course in the Fall of 9th grade in order to continue in the LAHC program.
Enrollment for Incoming 9th Graders: Future incoming 9th graders must attend a Zoom LAHC Orientation session in order to qualify for the program. Please email [email protected] for more information. While the college classes are offered at both campuses, this orientation is for ALL students, regardless of Olguin or Flagship campus SPHS enrollment or attendance.
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Enrollment for current 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students: If you are interested in enrolling in our current SPECA existing cohorts, please know that space is limited. Email [email protected] to inquire. Eligibility requirements above apply for all participants in the program.
Students and parents are happy with the SPECA program at SPHS! We encourage you to participate and complete all the necessary paperwork as soon as possible!